Sagittarius second decan horoscope

On one hand, fear and restraint are things of the past, and they would forcefully make their way through any obstacle.

Audacious and willing, they would dare to fight God if God stood in their way. On the other hand, it is precisely this willingness and disregard for consequences that may put them in difficult situations.

Sagittarius First Decan (November 23rd - December 2nd)

For all their fighting spirit and unyielding personality, there is also a certain intelligent approach and insightful perception that takes them so far. And those unconscious senses and survival traits are the very reason for why nothing seems to stop them in their tracks. This could be the reason why, initially, a native of this type will instinctively distance themselves from someone they like.

Knowing how deep and profound their love can be and realizing the potential risks of giving someone full access to their hearts makes them hesitant and reluctant in doing so in the first place. Quick-witted and strong-willed, the Sagittarius is the king of his own world.

Knowing what to do and how to do it will eventually lead him to a life full of fame and fortune. This natural ability to proficiently handle any situation brings him the admiration and respect of everyone around them.

Sagittarius horoscope: zodiac sign, Traits and compatibility

Sagittarius Decan 3: December 13 th — 21 st Bathed in the glorious energy of the Sun , Sagittarians of the third decan find themselves capable of much more imaginative efforts and intellectual laboring. But seriously, these guys have so much creative potential that they could give even writers and storytellers a run for their money, and a healthy run at that. A Sagittarius native never settles for petty and trivial goals. No, they will embark on the most dangerous and exciting journey possible, a tribute to their over-reaching perspective and endless courage.

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What follows next is, obviously, the successful completion of the objective, in the grandest and most spectacular manner. Moreover, the boundless energy and attractiveness turn them into very likeable and socially apt individuals. Interesting and humorous, a Sagittarian will never be found boring or dull, because that would be contrary to what they stand for. Once they are totally and madly in love with someone, you can be sure that leaving or fleeing off again are not viable options anymore, not in the least.

Instead, a third decan Sagittarian will give way to his great kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness, leaving nothing to be desired.

Sagittarius Decans and Personality Traits

Since this cosmic motion occurs in your first house which represents the outer self , your achievements will be recognized by the public. Ready for even more fabulous news? Once Jupiter finishes cruising through your own sign toward the end of the year on Monday, December 2 , it moves into Capricorn, activating the area of your chart associated personal finances. By all accounts, is shaping up to be the year of fame and fortune, so apply your favorite lipstick and get ready for your closeup: This is definitely your moment in the sun.

Now, mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 6. On this important day, Uranus — the planet of innovation — officially moves into the Taurus sky, fueling lots of systematic shifts. With progressive Uranus at the helm, unorthodox approaches are key. No matter where your curiosities lead, is also about solidifying your own emotional security.

Neptune — the planet of fantasy and illusion — is currently occupying your domestic sector, making it difficult to differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to home and family. We are taught to believe that money is all about practicality, and that practical things are the antithesis of emotion. On a personal level, resources will continue to be a central theme this year for you, Sagittarius, especially during the solar and lunar eclipses.