27 st january horoscope

This may result in a conflict between who you are and who others want you to be. Go with your gut. In going with the flow and embracing new plans can be great. Expect the unexpected and get beyond the disappointment that may come up today.

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Remember: There is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so. If you have been feeling a bit rootless, you may find that a home base is something that is more important to you than you initially thought.


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Spending time in your home, making it a place you love, can make you feel much more anchored and at peace in your life. This is a day where you might be getting secrets from friends, coworkers, or even a partner. Think before you speak today, Aquarius, and think two or three times before you write anything down.

You have a tendency to take things personally.

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Today, go with the flow and give others the benefit of the doubt. The more you can adapt, the better.

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Forgiving people for their double-booking is key today. Later, you can remind them how important thoughtfulness is to you, but for today, extend the second chance and enjoy the unexpected free time in your schedule! Make count with your premium, exclusive horoscope! Read your weekly horoscope here. Art by Maria the Witch. In other words, a career and academia and institutions of higher learning fit you like a glove, seriously.

You think in terms of theories.

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You think, feel, and visualize all sorts of amazing possibilities. Well, be that as it may, this is what you excel at. That stuff is too boring or otherwise too scary for you. You can make a great career talking about a theory. You never know, some of the stuff that you are kicking around in your head currently may actually become a reality long in the future.

Planetary Row

You tend to have a very wide view of things. Now, this is not a negative thing. By being able to have a big picture view of life, you would be able to see how things fit and how things progress. Otherwise, you might end up starting a lot of projects and finishing very little of them. To say that you are an idea-driven person would be an understatement indeed. You get turned on by ideas. The wilder the idea, the more speculative it is, the more exciting it is to you.

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What really gets your goat is when you are forced to be realistic and to look at things that are two inches away from you, instead of 2, miles away in the future. I know this sounds like almost oxymoronic because the only way to live, of course, is to live in reality. However, Aquarius people born on January 27 have an almost unique ability to live in an alternative universe. While this can be a source of tremendous ideas that can solve practical problems in the here and now, you can easily overdo it.

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  8. You can easily get so caught up in your ideas that you can easily end up being the most impractical person in the room. Air is your paired element. Being a typical Aquarius, air reflects a lot of your personality traits. This aspect of air clearly reflects your mental life. You are a person who is powered, sustained, and inspired by ideas. It looks big because of the gas surrounding it. Similarly, if you were to compress a lot of your personality, a lot of it is ideas. A lot of it is basically gas. Take this for what it is. You should avoid: getting in over your head as far as your idealistic nature goes.

    Yellow is very important to you because it is life-sustaining.