Capricorn horoscope 16 january 2020

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Getting Pregnant. First Year. Baby Products. Presented by. You are 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Recalculate your due date. Your Pregnancy Timeline. Only 1 in 20 babies are born on their actual due date. A normal pregnancy often lasts from 38 to 42 weeks, which keeps the majority of parents guessing right up until delivery day. This would not only create a sense of dissatisfaction but also create uncertainty that could well snowball into major concerns. There would be a lot of hard work and the returns nowhere near commensurate with the effort put in.

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This would add to the difficulties. The redeeming feature of this period would be the inclination of most of you to lead a principal life, and not deviate for the sake of convenience. Nothing very helpful about the augury from the stars in so far as the prospects for your family welfare are concerned. There is a distinct likelihood of serious differences with the elders of the family, to the extent of creating unpleasant situations. You must not lose your cool and refuse to get provoked into any kind of confrontation.

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This would greatly help in diffusing tension. The family atmosphere would as a consequence become tension-ridden in which there would be little peace or comfort for anybody. Children, too, would tend to be irritable and would not do too well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. Supervise their affairs very carefully. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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  • Notify me of new posts by email. January is one of the most important months in terms of horoscope. For many individuals it subconsciously implies the arrival of a brand new start, when you can turn a blank sheet. You can start writing on the unwritten page, and it's up to you how you will build your life.

    Horoscope for January has to count with what individuals have ingrained. This span might be kind of a slowdown concerning your ambitions. You might feel a need to be alone and reclusive. Eventually, this could lead to acting for your own benefit, regardless other people. You might look unapproachable or mean and selfish in extreme situations. You will enjoy working and will be able to rest while doing it since you will be thorough and perfectionist.


    You will look very friendly and sympathetic in this period. You will have no problem while adjusting to surroundings, because you will be elastic and adaptable.

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    Nonetheless, you will keep your own opinion and advanced intellectual abilities. You may feel abrupt changes of your mood.

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    One time you will be serious and then sociable and merry. Anyway, you are not worried what other people think about you and you go on your own way. This period will be a little bit colder when it comes to love. However, you like being around your friends more than ever. Your personality is somehow attractive for a lot of people. Just look out because you might end up with the wrong ones.

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